If you’re not living, you’re dying.

I’m here to help you get excited about your future. Maybe you want to take a new direction, maybe you’re unsure of what direction to take? Maybe you just need a good, encouraging kick up the butt! Whatever it is, let’s get you moving forward. Stagnation sucks. It just about sunk me, a couple times. But there’s a way out. Through clarity and direction and small steps forward.

Move Mountains: Accountability Coaching

Monthly coaching to keep you focused, on track, and moving forward. We’ll look back and review the month gone by, taking learnings and celebrating your successes. Then we’ll forge ahead with goals, barriers, and an achievable action plan for the next month. This is a seasonal commitment of three months. Sessions can be done in person, by webinar (Zoom), or over the phone. In between our one-on-ones, I will be available to you by email for follow up support and questions. Client numbers are limited.


Finding Purpose: A Guided Deep-Dive

A one on one deep-dive into what drives your past, current, and future aspirations. Using different methods, we’ll clarify what’s working in your life and what’s not. You’ll finish with a clearer vision for the future and begin a focused action plan to get there. This work can be done face to face in Melbourne, and by appointment in Perth, New Zealand, and Bali. All other locations are available via scheduled webinar (Zoom) or phone sessions (WhatsApp). This course requires a minimum client commitment of ten contact hours plus adequate time to complete follow up work at home. Sessions can be taken as 10 x calls over two weeks, or as a 2-day intensive (in person only).


The Annual Steer

A chance to reflect, review and refocus with guidance. Perfect for visitors to the region who are seeking a moment of clarity during their travels. Pulling tools from a range of methodologies – we can get technical, creative, spiritual, or a combination of all three. Limited to one per person, per calendar year.